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grumpy old men relax on a beach in Phuket

Phuket Grumpy Old Men's Society

Phuket Grumpy Old Men's Society helped out with flood relief by sending a convoy to Nakon Sawan, Thailand, an area hit hard by the floods in 2011.

Photos of GOMS charitable activities throughout Thailand. Click on the read more button for further information.

shopping for the kids in Phuket
Phuket GOMS does some shopping for the children from Home and Life. This fits in well with the GOMS philosophy of donating goods rather than cash.

helping construction of storeroom
Phuket GOMS supplied construction materials for an extra room at Home and Life. A GOMS member personally donated the sliding door seen in the photo, plus the windows, and another member installed the drinking water system.

school and home for children of migrant workers
Phuket GOMS supplied school uniforms for the kids from a migrant worker camp in Phuket. The photo shows the living conditions of these families and compares how smart the children look during their studies. It also conveys a sense of pride and happiness on the part of the children who have the opportunity for education.

scholl materials donated by GOMS to Smile Kids Phuket
The Grumpy Old Men's Society donates school materials to Smile Kids Phuket. Simple items such as pads, pencils can make a big difference for their learning.

Phuket grumpy old men's society

Founded in November 2009