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Phuket GOMS - Grumpy Old Men's Society - are expatriates living in Thailand, both working and retired, who want to give back to the local community. Our mission is to raise funds for kids & others in need.

GOMS never gives money directly. Instead, we find worthwhile projects, then buy what is needed and make the handover an event. This way we always know our contributions are helping where they're needed.

GOMS is not a big money charity, we only have limited budget. That's why we have GOMS members that give their own time to do some wonderful work. And we have friends who donate unused equipment and supplies to support learning, clothing and daily living for the kids. We also work to enrich the kids' lives with discovery and entertainment in both Phuket and Phang Nga. We try to be aware of the work that our local district offices are doing so we can support the local community when we see the chance. It's about helping where we can by doing as much as possible with each donation. Helping individual kids, even a little, to a Better Quality of Life.

GOMS funds come from three sources:
1) Member registration fees at our twice-monthly GOMS meetings in the Chalong/Rawai area. These cover all our minimal administration costs leaving most of it to fund our charity work.
2) Social events through the year, the last one attracting over 100 Phuket residents. AII the net proceeds go to fund our charity work.
3) Donations from our friends, of which 100% goes to GOMS charity work.

You can get involved by following GOMS on or Email. Better still join us at our meetings on the first and third Mondays every month and make a host of new friends. We currently meet at Paradies Zum Ros resort, which is up the street that runs opposite Makro on the Chalong Rawai road however best check by emailing in advance. Our meetings blend worthwhile work with anecdotes, networking and expat survival tips. But are you grumpy enough?

If you are interested in helping out in Buri Ram contact GOMS Buri Ram

We can help you to form your own GOMS group. A fun way to get together with friends and raise money to help others.

You can make a Donation knowing that your thoughtfulness will make a difference.